Lisa McGill

Local Southern Highlander Lisa McGill is a resident presenter at The Cook’s Cooking School and comes from a long line of food lovers with 4 chef’s in the family.

Lisa is a qualified chef and journalist, and merged these two skills to carve a career in the Food Media industry in the early nineties, working across a number of magazines and television shows as a home economist, recipe writer and food stylist. From there she was poached by Unilever and became the corporate chef for Australia and New Zealand until she joined the food delivery start up Hellofresh as head of food development.

With her teaching certificate in hand, Lisa then made the exciting move to Jamie Oliver’s non-for-profit cooking schools as NSW manager; a role she loved and a role where she could share her passion for healthy, simple, home cooked meals with others.

Locally you may recognise Lisa from her pop-up business Baked In Bowral. If you ever spot Baked in Bowral goods around town, we highly recommend you treat yourself… they’re deliciously good!

Lisa is passionate about getting people back into the kitchen and cooking from scratch so our society doesn’t suffer the terrible consequences of lifestyle diseases like type 2 Diabetes (an issue very close to her heart). Lisa is thrilled that she can now cook, have fun and educate people in her own backyard without traveling to Sydney to do it… and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team!

Lisa McGill