Natasha Morley and Angelique Deep

Middle East meets Outback Australia

I’m not sure if this is what you recall of your family memories but, for our family it is the way we remember points of history through food. Dates are generally unknown but what we ate (the food) is never forgotten.

Our family is always brought together by the sharing of a table whatever the occasion. The best and simplistic example we can give of our Middle East and Australian food traditions integrating is our lunch boxes at school (now Natasha’s girls share in this delight) the contents consisted of Lebanese bread buttered with vegemite. This was the merging of two cultures in its purest form, one part Mediterranean one part Australian. And we all agree we still find it as pleasurable many years on. As a family we didn’t ever extend the lounge room for living space we extended the kitchen. That was where we all lived. Our family has had restaurants since we were in our teens and our love of food has only got more intense as we have got older.

Throughout the years we have pursued different career paths Natasha with her love of golf led her to marry a golf professional and had a successful career running a golf pro shop in Sydney and Angelique has been working in Australia and overseas pursing her career in Human Resources and Training development only to always come back to our first love and that is cooking and food and all encompasses.

Nastaha Morley currently owns and operates Deeb’s cafe and Patisserie in Springett’s Arcade Bowral for over 7 years. Angelique has recently returned from contract work in the Pacific.

Eat until you are full, drink until you are merry and laugh until you cry.

Natasha Morley and Angelique Deep